Spring cleaning in the summer


Drew and I decided (or shall I say that I did) that we needed to start cleaning things out!  Drew thinks that this is my nesting kicking in early, but to be honest after finding out that our house is only 1300 sq. ft. instead of 1550 sq. ft. I thought it was time to start cleaning out rooms, one by one.  So…we started in the kitchen and spent 5 hours of cleaning and going through all of our stuff.  My amazing husband worked very hard and did such a wonderful job!!  We cleared out a big box of stuff that we will end of giving to Big Brothers/Big Sisters when they come by.  I already feel better and can’t wait to tackle the other rooms….of course, one by one!!

Justin’s Swim Meet – 6/26/10

So….who had the best times??? Justin may have not come in first place in every race, but to his family he placed first in every race because he beat every time he had from last year!!! It was an amazing day and worth sitting in the blazin’ sun to watch him glide through the water! Micah and I sat in the stands yelling and cheering Justin on! Micah looked so cute hanging on to the chain linked fence and yelling “Go, Bubba, Go!” I asked Drew to time in one of the lanes and we decided that lane 4 would be the best lane since Justin raced in lane 2, 4, 6 and Drew would be right in the middle!

Below are his old scores from last year and next to them are the scores from last week’s race!

Old Best Saturday
50-yard Freestyle 46:07 40.12

50-yard Breaststroke No time 1:05:90
50-yard Butterfly 55:16 48:47

100-yard IM 2:14:45 1:58:51

Hit the jump (click “Read the Rest of this Entry…”) to see videos of all 4 events!


New Water Heater


After we noticed our water heater was leaking last weekend, we ordered the new heater and parts we needed and it was installed on Saturday. We decided to go tankless both for the energy savings as well as providing much more space by our back door. If you notice the piece of carpet on the ground by the door, that was all the space we had before…the rest of it was taken up by the big water heater. The laundry and recycling containers would NOT have fit there before…there was just enough room for the door to open.

Perhaps the best part of the whole project was watching our handyman, Jim, dig deeper and deeper into our existing plumbing while mumbling under his breath, “what were they THINKING???” in reference to the many oddities that are so common in how they built our house. Nothing is ever easy and his language quickly got PG-13 as he discovered things like the loose gas pipe in the attic, or that the old 3 inch exhaust was routed through the only 3 inch gap in the roof trusses and joints in the house…not good when the new exhaust is 5 inches.

However, after 12 hours and eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at our house, he finally completed it and our hot water is back in full force. And as Jim said, the plumbing in our walls is now “as it should have been in the first place”.

Boy or Girl???

Yes…. our family is having a baby!!  Today we had our first trimester ultrasound, we are 13 weeks and 1 day along,  and everything went very well.  We also had our lab work done a few weeks ago and the results are all in normal ranges.  The proposed due date is Dec 22, 2010 and as we all know I never make it that far, so…….how about my birthday (that would be a great date)!!!  Oh….and to answer the above question?  You will all have to wait as we have decided the delivery would be a great time to find out!!!  Please post below as to what your guess will be for our new little addition!


Delinking Debate

There appears to have been some confusion regarding leaving comments on the new blog so I decided to post a quick entry to hopefully clear that up.

There are several sites out there for blogging and the two most popular (free ones) are Blogger (or blogspot) and WordPress. Blogger is Google’s blogging site and is free to set up a site on their servers. Also, once you lave a login name (or Google username…both can be used), you can log in and use it to comment on anyone’s Blogger blog.

In the same way, WordPress has a free site where you can set up a blog, but they also offer free software to install on your OWN website (which allows you to do far more customization of the design). In the same way as Blogger, once you have a WordPress ID, you can comment on any WordPress blog. This is the software I’ve chosen to use on my own site.

So, if you have a WordPress username, you can log in on the right and comment with it here. If you don’t, you can register for one, OR you can simply leave a comment WITHOUT LOGGING IN. So no, you do not need to log in to comment! It’s totally up to you…but if you’d like to register, you can do so on the menu on the right, which really just lets you track your comments and not have to type your information every time you visit (since it keeps you logged in).

Questions? Post them in the comments or drop me an email.

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Lisa’s project today


Lisa has been very busy this afternoon sewing the boys some new pajamas pants. Not only am I shocked at how fast she made them, I can’t help but find the boys TOTALLY ADORABLE in them. Way to go Lisa!