Why do bad things have to happen in threes?



So you know how bad things tend to happen in threes? Earlier this week our garage door spring snapped and we had to have that fixed. Then the A/C issue, and as our handyman was leaving for the day a few minutes ago he saw what is pictured here: our water heater appears to have given up the ghost. Awesome.

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  1. Where is your water heater located. You could extend the fitting in the pan that the water heater is sitting in and let the water drip into a bucket that you empty once in a while. How bad is it leaking? If the heater is still working this would buy you some time.

  2. That’s great advice, and actually what we ended up doing. Though “extending the fitting” may be a bit of a stretch…I put some plastic wrap over some cardboard, folded into a V to catch the drips, and ran it to the bucket behind the door.

    And you’re right…it’s just buying us time, but I think it will give us enough time to shop around for a good price…especially since we’re considering a tankless heater. We shall see.

  3. Don’t I know it. Got home from your house to find a friend is having serious marital problems, the van was making a terrible clunking noise in the front end, the A/C was plugged and not working and the pilot on our water heater kept blowing itself out. Now, after $250 in repairs to the A/C and water heater (cheap, let me tell you), tightening a bolt on the subframe of the van (free, thank you, God.), I have only the friend to help get through it. She needs lots of prayers. Every time I think of her, I stop to pray for her.

    P.S. just my opinion, but don’t go tankless only because if there was ever a water crisis you always have gallons of water in your water tank for use. You never know, ya know.

  4. Drew, to extend the fitting, all you do is put a little piece of PVC pipe into that fitting. It’s probably 3/4″ PVC.

    1. Had I had to go much longer, i probably would have rigged something up a little more elegant. However, since we had the replacement on order I decided to live with it 🙂

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