Hulu Plus now available to everyone

We haven’t had cable for a while, and I get a lot of questions about how we still have so much TV to watch. The answer is a high-def antenna and Hulu Plus. Previously, it was invitation only for testing purposes, but I was able to nab one and we’ve been using it for a few months now. Basically, it’s the same thing as Hulu, but by paying a subscription fee you get access to more episodes (like all 8 seasons of a show instead of the current season or just the last few episodes) and you can watch most of the content in HD…which is a must when you’re using it on your living room TV as your main source of content.

As of today, it’s now available to the public and they dropped the price to $7.99 a month! I encourage everyone to try it because it’s a heckuva lot better than paying $60+ a month for cable or satellite and we really never run out of content. Lisa even gets her HGTV shows!

If you’d like to try, you can use this link here to get 2 free weeks (and I get 2 free weeks as well, in the interest of full disclosure). But I totally think it’s worth every penny!

In Memory of Doris “Nanie” Scott

My grandmother passed away on Monday morning after extended illness. She was loved by many and left many imprints on a lot of people…myself especially. Her legacy is her faith in Jesus Christ, and that she is responsible for most of our family having personal relationships with Him. Perhaps the most loving woman I’ve ever known, I am overjoyed to know for certain that she is now with her savior in His loving arms, leaving her broken body behind.

This video was created in her honor, to remember the legacy she has left in us.

Nanie Slideshow from Drewser on Vimeo.

Scouting Popcorn – Deadline 10/30

Justin’s Webelos Den is selling popcorn and I didn’t even know about the online option until today. So, with ordering ending in less than 2 weeks, I’m posting this now as a last ditch effort to get more sales! Each scout has a goal of selling $90 of popcorn, so will you help him get there? 70% of the proceeds go to his den and pack (not to mention a patch, awards, and other little things Justin gets).

Follow this link to order…you MUST use this link for Justin to get credit (or the link in the emails some of you got):

On a personal note, I can’t believe the options they have for this compared to when I used to sell it…Turtle, Carmel, Chocolate…it’s NUTS! (har har)

Here’s the “official” email:

Did you know you can help me earn my own way in Scouting?
Just click here and place an order on my behalf. Trail's End has
made a lot of improvements this year. All microwave products are
made with canola oil and all caramel products are naturally sweetened,
so there are plenty of healthy, flavorful snacks to choose from.

70% of your purchase will be returned to my council, my unit
and my Scout rewards. Online purchases help us fund fun,
educational activities and help more kids experience all the
things that make Scouting great.

Thanks for your support,


So….yesterday I was taking a moment off of bed rest to sit outside and enjoy our cooling weather (in the 90’s) to watch my hubby work on the bug to get it running to have a nice surprise delivered to me!! 

While I was sitting Peggy and Sarah from our home group drove up and had a paper wrapped gift, some flowers and an iced chai from Starbucks’s.  As I opened the paper wrapping I realize that special Sarah had made a beautiful purple vase at As You Wish Pottery just for me.  And what made it especially special to me was that she had written “cherished” on one side of the vase.  It was one of Sarah’s vocabulary words from spelling last week and she told me it meant “to be loved and never forgotten!” 

As I write this my eyes have filled with tears to realize how much our family has been blessed by so many people since I have been placed on bed rest (again)!  I can’t thank everyone enough for all the deliveries of wonderful food, the house cleaning, help in the backyard, helping with taking and picking up of Justin from school and the wonderful help with Micah.  I hope one day our family can bless all of you as you have blessed all of us!  God bless to all of you!!

“Uh oh…”


Micah decided it would be a good idea to have eggs for lunch.  He did not think it would be a good idea to ask for help.  This after most of the broken eggs were put back in the container.

We’re having a…

We had a third trimester ultrasound today to check on things and couldn’t wait any longer to know the gender.  We left two cards at the front desk at Justin’s school with a “1” and a “2” on them, 1 announcing a girl, 2 announcing a boy.  The plan was that we would call the school  after the ultrasound and have the appropriate card delivered to Justin’s class.  The below video is of Justin reading the card and learning what his newest sibling is going to be.  Watch and find out!

Micah’s 2nd Birthday

Next…..there is Micah with the BIG 2!  Can you believe it…..2 years old!!  It feels like only yesterday that we had him and now is walking, talking and well…..being a 2 year old!  We had a great small birthday party for Justin and Micah and had a special visitor that flew in all the way from Indiana….yep, Nana B!  We celebrated with a few friends, all the grandmas and mom and dad!