Drew and Lisa Hike Fossil Springs

For our anniversary, Lisa planned a trip up North to Rim Country to do some hiking. It was our first overnighter with no kids since Micah was born…long overdue! We left Friday, stayed in Strawberry on Friday night, hiked on Saturday, stayed at Lisa’s mom’s in Blue Ridge Saturday night and came home Sunday…all while Linda watched the kids. Yay!

The hike itself is beautiful…it’s 4 miles in and 4 miles out with a 1,500 ft elevation drop. LOT of work, but was a good time despite feeling like we were going to pass out at the end.

Here’s a quick video with highlights of the trip…enjoy!

Phoenix Zoo Debriefing

Yeah, it’s late posting…this is from back in February when Chris and Janelle were in town visiting and we met up with Jeff and Justine to tour the zoo. However, Jeff had to mail the video to me, then I had to fix the corrupted file since the CD screwed up (hence the hiccup in the middle of the video). However, very cute…Enjoy!

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Lisa’s 1st day of truck driving school

I had quite the surprise on Saturday! Our neighbor Stephen (“Opa” to the kids) told me to come over at 8am for my birthday present. When I showed up he said, “I’m taking you driving…in my truck”. My birthday present was that he was going to teach me how to drive his semi, something I’ve always wanted to do!

We went to “the pit”, which is an old quary where he parks his trailer, and hooked up the trailer. He made me do all the work to get ready and then walked me through how to actually drive. Then for the next 10-15 minutes he talked me through driving the full semi and trailer around the pit!

While I could tell you more details, I think I’ll just let you watch the video…it was the experience of a lifetime and I couldn’t thank him enough!!!!!

(Turn the volume up 🙂 )

Dust storm that came through town

Justin and I got hit by a massive dust storm right after he got out of swim practice. I managed to get some video, though the first one skips a bit. Still pretty amazing. Driving in it was a bit of a chore though…

Getting closer:

Hitting us:


Justin’s Swim Meet – 6/25

Justin did great at his swim meet! He swam in 4 events, got 1st place in 3 of them and only missed 1st place in the 4th because they were racing a 12 yr old in his heat as there were no other 12 year olds for the older class. Plus, HE BROKE THE TEAM RECORD FOR BUTTERFLY!

Here are the videos.

25 yard butterfly:

50 yard freestyle:

100 yard freestyle (the endurance race):

Our Hoover Dam Trip

Breaking the silence with a video. This is the project our family created for Justin’s school assignment. His assignment was to do a 3 minute presentation on something in Arizona. He wanted to do the Hoover Dam, so we made a weekend trip up North and this video is the result. Be kind, as all video and pictures were from our cell phones… 😉

The Hoover Dam from Drewser on Vimeo.