Anniversary Train Ride




I decided for our 5 year anniversary to take a quiet and relaxing train ride along the Verde Canyon River without any kids.  We had a wonderful time sitting in our First Class car enjoying a bottle of wine, great food and would every once in awhile take a little trip to the open air observation car to enjoy the scenery and the air.  We saw many rock formations and even a Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle in the Verde Canyon


We had a great time together and enjoyed a few moments together while the kiddos were safe with their friends.

Click the picture above to see our photo album.

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To my amazing husband of 5 memorable years.

I wanted to buy you something special, but there is nothing I could buy that would express everything that I feel for you.

I can’t express into words the love you have shown me, an unconditional love that has broken down many walls of my past.  You have been so extremely patient with me over the years to mold me into the woman I am and I couldn’t be happier.  You have taught me to be not so serious, to enjoy life and have fun and that it doesn’t matter what my house looks like as long as we are all happy.  I know it has been a long road for you and I can’t explain how much it means that God has brought you into not only my life, but also Justin’s.

You are my hero, my friend and the love of my life forever.  I can’t thank you enough for all the joys you have brought to my life, including 2 extremely handsome boys.  We have been through a lot of struggles and through all of them we have come out stronger and have gotten to know each other better.  I know that God will always take care of us because that is what you have taught me… learn to rely on him.  I thought men like you were only dreams and my dream has come through.

Thank you for sharing 5 tough, wonderful and amazing years with me and not ever once giving up!  I love and respect you with all of my heart and can’t wait to see what God can do with us together!

Respectfully, Your loving wife.

Justin Earned his Bear!

Cub Scouts - Bear

That’s right!  After working super hard on finishing up his requirements (and with the help of an AWESOME new Den and Den Leaders!) Justin was able to earn his Bear at the last pack meeting of the year!  His leaders, Tim and Harlan, held a special ceremony for the den after the pack meeting just for Justin, where they painted his face and even saluted him at the end!  Click the above picture to see all the pics!

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Video from camping

I didn’t originally post this but am now being forced to do so.  So, for your laughing enjoyment, watch me make a fool of myself.

And yes, that’s the park ranger pulling up at the end…I got a talking to.  Apparently, those aren’t designed for adults.  Who’d of thought?

First Family Camping Trip

The long awaited camping trip finally came…we’d been looking forward to it for over a month!  We would finally get to try out the new tent, go hiking, and cook some meals over the campfire to finish up Justin’s cub scout requirements.  Everything was great…until Lisa and I came down with colds on Friday morning, the day we were to leave. 


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New Site!

Welcome to the new site!  We’ve changed hosts, switched blogging software, migrated all the old posts and comments, moved pictures, and updated the design (a bit).  This now gives us unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a whole host of new tools…not to mention far easier methods of adding new entries.  The old site kind of hit a wall, as shown by the lack of updates over the last year.  But now that the constraints are gone, we’re back online.  Hope to have some new stuff soon!

A New Day in Beautiful Colorado

Well…….this morning we got up to see our wonderful friends off so they could go back home. The 4 of us are still at the condo in Winter Park so as we ate lunch we tried to think of something to do together! Ahh.. haa.. as I glanced at the Guest Guide book I came across the Corona Pass Road, which is a 12-mile scenic dirt road. It says that a 2 wheel drive vehicle can access the road to the top of the 11,660 ft mountain, little did they tell you that if rain, or hail, or a small amount of snow came through that you might want to think about 4-wheel drive. That is what we encountered on this 12 mile journey.
NOTE: There are several really cool pictures…as usual, click any of the pictures here to be taken to the full album!


Day ??? Oh who cares because we’re on vacation!!

We decided to have a day at the Winter Park resort where we purchased an all day pass to do everything!! The kids (and I guess the adults) had a blast. We started about 11am and stayed till closing at 5:30pm where we slid down the Apline slide, went up the Zephyr Scenic lift ride, did the GyroXtreme, Leaps and Bounds Bungee and the mini golf…wow, what a day!


Colorado 2009 – Day 3

We have completed day 3 and finally arrived in Winter Park! However, it is funny how the shortest trip seemed to take the longest. It was only 3 1/2 hours compared to the 6+ hours of the previous days, but it felt like 12. Nevertheless, we made it while enjoying an amazing view that even took us above the tree line.