Site was down

Looks like our domain expired due to a our credit card number expiring and the site went down for a day or so. This also means that we have not received any email for the last 24 hours or so. Just a heads up as to what’s going on. If you sent us something, you’ll need to resend. Sorry about the inconvenience!

Mesa Crime Lab


Justin’s den got to play CSI tonight and get a tour of the Mesa Police Dept Crime Lab.  They saw everything from the DUI testing area to ballistics where they fire the guns.  This picture is outside of the firing range/water tank and shows a whole bunch of confiscated guns.  Was a really cool tour and the boys had a great time!

Justin learned to fold the flag



At cub scouts last week, Justin and his den (“The Freedom Fighters”) learned how to fold the American flag properly.  Here he is practicing.  Way to go Justin!

The second picture is of Justin doing science experiments at the most recent meeting with “igor” and the “mad scientist” (a.k.a. Tim and Harlem).

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