Engagement Pictures

Lisa and Drew

Lisa and I picked up our engagement pictures last night and are very excited about them! Above is our “official” engagement picture. Click “Continue Reading” for more pictures. However, please do not copy these pictures as they are proofs from the photographer. He was kind enough to give me digital versions of a few for friends and family to see. I added the watermark just to protect his work.
Let us know what you think in the comments section. Hope you enjoy!



Moving Time!

After a year of waiting for the house to be empty, after 7 months of not having a house to herself, and after 3 months of not even having her own house, Lisa is finally moved into the new house! This past Saturday we began putting the finishing touches on the house…bathroom countertops and sinks were installed, beautiful temporary 1/2″ plywood kitchen countertops were installed, the grout was sealed and a swing was installed on the tree in back for Justin. But the weekend was not without it’s challenges…


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Join our new mailing list!

For all of you who just can’t wait for new entries on our site, we now have a Mailing list. Don’t worry…we’re not selling anything and our emails will not have any advertisements. However, we WILL let you know whenever a new entry is added or a major update is made to the site (for example, our new “Out of Town Guest” informaton page with a link on the right!).
So, wanna join the list? Just click here, fill out a tiny form, and *BAM*, you’re on our list! Hope you enjoy this snazzy new feature!

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The Money Pit

Our House?

It’s been quite a while since either of us has written…we’ve just been WAY too busy! Between planning a wedding and remodeling a house, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. However, here’s a quick update on the house:
Since the beginning of February, we have almost completely gutted the house in Mesa and began to rebuild. We started by scraping off the popcorn ceilings…a very messy job! Luckily, we were planning to tear out the carpet anyway, so we just scraped it off straight onto the carpet. Then we tore out every closet in the house, ripped up all the smelly carpet, tore out the kitchen cabinets and 3 layers of laminate flooring, tore out the bathrooms, removed the soffit in the kitchen and small bathroom and removed the gross shower doors in the master bathroom.