6 Replies to “Full Picture Batch of Baby Ella”

  1. I want to thank Lisa and Drew for allowing me the privilege of helping out while Lisa was on bed rest. As you can see it was worth all of the extra traveling time and effort. What a beautiful little girl and just completes a wonderful family.
    Again Thank You

    1. You are thanking us??? We are most grateful for all of your HARD work and dedication!! Not many moms would do all the driving back and forth from up north, running kids around and cooking and some cleaning that you have done!! I personally can’t “Thank you” enough!! You are amazning!!

  2. Don’t know if this works but would like to say nice families. Jenny and Lisa I’m so glad your mom keeps in touch. Love to all Sandie Poock

    1. Sandie….good to hear from you!! I am glad you were able to see the pictures and stay in touch!! You will have to email me at lisa at/ drewlisa d0t com so that we can keep updated!! Lots of love to you and your family!!

  3. We are so delighted and happy for you and your Family! We didn’t get new of the birth until a couple of days afterwards but we knew we could go straight to your blog to learn more. Sure enough, there was the most awesome video of Baby Ella there! And now this fabulous foto album, too. AWESOME! It’s not quite the same as “being there” but it’s pretty close. Thank you for the love you put into this blog–it shows! We appreciate being able to follow your Family here. Congratulations!!! jp

  4. I’ve been thinking about you guys all month, Drewser. Congrats on the beautiful new addition! Praise God everyone came through safely. We enjoyed the photo slideshow and are excited to be able tot show you ours in two months! I’ll try calling this weekend. Merry Christmas to Ella & all!

    Mike and Becca

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