Justin’s Swim Meet – 6/25

Justin did great at his swim meet! He swam in 4 events, got 1st place in 3 of them and only missed 1st place in the 4th because they were racing a 12 yr old in his heat as there were no other 12 year olds for the older class. Plus, HE BROKE THE TEAM RECORD FOR BUTTERFLY!

Here are the videos.

25 yard butterfly:

50 yard freestyle:

100 yard freestyle (the endurance race):

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2 Replies to “Justin’s Swim Meet – 6/25”

  1. Great swims! Congratulations on that team record. And in the hardest stroke to swim!

    I am so proud of you and all your hard work. It really shows in your form and speed.

  2. WOW! Great job! I can’t believe how big Justin is getting! When are you coming to IN??

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