Micah’s First Fireworks


Sorry about the grainy camera pics…the low light conditions did not leave us much hope of capturing the event on film…uh, or memory cards. However, Hopefully you can tell that Micah was pretty amazed by his first major fireworks display (at least the first he can remember…and for the first 5 minutes). What we DON’T have a picture of is the homemade, made from scratch apple pie that Lisa made…the BEST apple pie I’ve ever had, bar none. Take that, weight loss.

Click the link to see a couple fireworks pictures, as well as a video of the grand finale!



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  1. Our family has always been a sucker for a good Grande Finale! We dashed over to the park to see the fireworks from the distance last night. Can’t resist, especially the reaction of the little guys! As Family Circus said, “Is the next one going to be an ‘Ooh or an Aah?'”

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