Extreme Deck Building – Part 9…the final story!

The deck……it is finally completed and it didn’t take us a year! The deck was mostly completed in time for the wedding, with only the top slats missing (the “shade” part of the “shaded” deck). So, in order for us to completely finish the deck, we decided to order the remaining lumber to complete the deck the beginning of August.
Continue reading to read the rest of the story and see more pictures of the finished deck!

One day after work and school Justin and I decided to go to the lumber yard and have the lumber ordered and delivered. Within a couple of days, the lumber came and Justin and I surprised Drew by painting the first half of all the lumber. It of course didn’t take Drew too long when he knew he could use his nail gun! You know….the power tools that make men feel manly!
The next day Justin and I also ran past home depot because our manly-man needed knee pads. I guess after the first night being on his knees on the plywood he was a little sore.

Within a week, the 1 by 2 slats were all put up and our big wood structure was finally a deck. Not only was the deck used for a wedding back in April, but we have also enjoyed it many times since then for dinners, get-togethers and just a place to relax while Justin is playing in the pool.

And for everyone’s information the wedding was a huge success. The deck was used for many pictures (none of which we have yet) and for a dance floor which I think the kids loved the most. It was a wonderful evening and the wedding was beautiful!

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  1. It is extra,specially nice with the final wood on the top. Good going guys! We can’t wait until we’re out there using that beautiful deck
    Dad and Mom

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