Welcome to the gun show

Baby B at 18 weeks…picture taken today. Big fan of the muscle shot. Mommy and baby are doing fantastic! Everything is coming together nicely for him…I mean her…I mean…who knows?

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3 Replies to “Welcome to the gun show”

  1. This little kiddo is going to be a shy one and keep the sex a secret until the very last minute and going to keep the parents to their word of not wanting to know the sex until she/he is born. Way to go precious little one. We can’t wait until that special day arrives.
    Love Grandma

  2. Aww, I love ultrasound pictures! I love looking at the 3D ones and comparing them to Silas now and seeing how similar they look. Its amazing what technology can do these days!

  3. What a difference this ultrasound is from the one of Drew taken in Dec of 1978! I feel like I’m actually looking at your “Baby Bear” in reality!

    Now if they’d just post one of the other half. . .ha ha! I know. We couldn’t even tell from that old ultrasound taken in the “old days”.

    Can’t wait to love on that little one! Meanwhile I’ll just love on the three I have!

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