Justin’s Swim Meet – 6/26/10

So….who had the best times??? Justin may have not come in first place in every race, but to his family he placed first in every race because he beat every time he had from last year!!! It was an amazing day and worth sitting in the blazin’ sun to watch him glide through the water! Micah and I sat in the stands yelling and cheering Justin on! Micah looked so cute hanging on to the chain linked fence and yelling “Go, Bubba, Go!” I asked Drew to time in one of the lanes and we decided that lane 4 would be the best lane since Justin raced in lane 2, 4, 6 and Drew would be right in the middle!

Below are his old scores from last year and next to them are the scores from last week’s race!

Old Best Saturday
50-yard Freestyle 46:07 40.12

50-yard Breaststroke No time 1:05:90
50-yard Butterfly 55:16 48:47

100-yard IM 2:14:45 1:58:51

Hit the jump (click “Read the Rest of this Entry…”) to see videos of all 4 events!

Little brother watching:

Justin Swimming Freestyle

Justin Swimming Breaststroke

Justin Swimming Butterfly

Justin Swimming 100 yard Individual Medley (IM)

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3 Replies to “Justin’s Swim Meet – 6/26/10”

  1. Aw I so wish I could have been there!!!! Tell J-Man I said congrats and I am sooo proud of him!!!

    Dad also told me that bebe Micah was calling him Arlyn! (well Arlene but same difference haha) And that made me smile 🙂

    Justin you are the best!!!

  2. Justin, your form is so good! Your fly is great, and your times just keep getting better and better! I love being able to see your swims way out here.

    This is a real blast from the past–swim meets, scouts! I love having your blog updated again!

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