First Family Camping Trip

The long awaited camping trip finally came…we’d been looking forward to it for over a month!  We would finally get to try out the new tent, go hiking, and cook some meals over the campfire to finish up Justin’s cub scout requirements.  Everything was great…until Lisa and I came down with colds on Friday morning, the day we were to leave. 

We pushed forward anyway, determined to make a fun weekend out of it despite the runny noses and cloudy heads.  We had originally planned to hit the Petrified National Forest up in Holbrook, but after our uncle John P informed us of the inclement weather forecasted for the weekend (esp high winds and dust), we took him up on his suggestion to camp at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood.  Turns out it was a WONDERFUL suggestion…cooler weather, mountains, and the Verde river that goes right along the park.


We arrived about mid-afternoon and found a site…it was slim pickin’s due to our late arrival, but i think we found one that suited us.  We set up camp and got a fire going (with flint and steel, no less…the true survivalists we are) to cook dinner before settling down to enjoy the sunset.



Wait, what?  Is that a cell phone?  CAMPING?  By the person who swore she would not own a cell phone?

We spent Saturday hiking and fishing…didn’t catch anything, but had a good time none the less.


All in all, a very enjoyable weekend.  Click the link to see the entire Flickr album below.

Camping Photo Album

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