Boy or Girl???

Yes…. our family is having a baby!!  Today we had our first trimester ultrasound, we are 13 weeks and 1 day along,  and everything went very well.  We also had our lab work done a few weeks ago and the results are all in normal ranges.  The proposed due date is Dec 22, 2010 and as we all know I never make it that far, so…….how about my birthday (that would be a great date)!!!  Oh….and to answer the above question?  You will all have to wait as we have decided the delivery would be a great time to find out!!!  Please post below as to what your guess will be for our new little addition!

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8 Replies to “Boy or Girl???”

  1. Praise the Lord! I’m so glad I don’t have to keep it a secret anymore!

    I am so excited, happy, and blessed to be loving another grandchild! Yes! I love that baby already.

    Mom B

  2. Healthy baby and mommy, that is my hope. Piper is weighing in with “My 3 sons” based on the picture. I wish you had a different ultrasound photo angle so I could get a better look. Ha Ha! You know if Piper IS right, you can always borrow her as your summer daughter. LOL!!!

    Love to you all!


    1. You bet!! She would love to come and hold another baby….oh, wait and so would you!! Miss you guys tons!! Justin is asking when we are all going to get together again?????

  3. I’m betting on a girl. Both the boys were due in Aug. Since this one is due in Dec. it will probably be a girl. I just hope she comes 2 days after your birthday like you did to me and made me a whole year older by 2 days. What a blessing it will be either boy or girl. I hope for a better pregnancy and not as much bed rest for you. I love you all.
    Grandma L.

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