Colorado 2009 – Day 2

We’re now finished with Day 2 of our trip. And for those who are wondering, the number of poopy diapers did not disappoint…though I DID give Lisa a break today and change one for her. Who says I never help?

We started the day packing and loading up the car while Justin introduced Micah to the world of iPod.

We then headed for a healthy breakfast from McDonalds before hitting the road through Monument Valley…with a short wait while someone else hogged the road…twice:

However, we then continued on our day’s detour so we could see the only point in the US where 4 states meet: Four Corners Arizona…or is it New Mexico? Utah? Colorado? At least we got our family picture without it looking too awkward.

Our trip then took us up through Moab Utah, which has to be one of the most beautiful places in the country. Known for its rafting, kayaking, and off-roading paradise, Moab includes canyons and rock formations that rival anything you’ve ever seen.
After a quick lunch, Lisa talked me into taking the “Scenic drive” to get to I-70 instead of the regular route…and boy was it worth it. The drive followed the Colorado River through a canyon of red rock…but pictures never do it justice.

We did stumble across the historic Dewey Bridge that burned a year ago in a brush fire. All that remains are the large cables that suspended the 100 year old bridge…kind of a ghostly reminder of the past

Finally, after a trip to Wal-Mart and take-out from Famous Dave’s BBQ, we ended the trip sitting comfortable in our hotel suite, resting up for our final day of the drive.

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  1. You forgot to mention that you were to chicken to change Micah on your lap and instead had to use the top of the cooler!

  2. I would have been SO disappointed if you had not posted the family picture at 4 Corners, and the skeleton of the bridge! But you did not fail me! I think you have inherited the family picture taking gene! The first picture is also adorable!

  3. Actually…Lisa is responsible for about 98% of all the pictures…so she’s the one you should be complimenting! 😉

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