Colorado 2009 – Day 1

Well…we made it away from the driveway on time at 10am after stopping 3 times before the sidewalk started. We had a nice goodbye by Em and Kai!
Our first stop was in Carefree for coffee (I know, I know and little early) and a snack for Justin. We proceeded to Flagstaff where we experienced a nice rain shower and made our first detour to take Justin to see part of the Grand Canyon. We stopped first at a little scenic stop and did a little hike to a 1000 ft cliff with NO railing.

Then made a second stop at the Desert View Point and viewed the Northeast part of the Grand Canyon

We also climbed to the top of the watch tower and Justin purchased a dream catcher (which we had to place above his head in the hotel room).

Along this trip we encountered several stops from construction and one we had to wait about 15 minutes, of course it would be the one that is close to the end of our trip! I also had to deal with 3 poopy diapers that I had to change on my lap on the side of the road. Micah is just getting to long to change on laps anymore. The last one I had to laugh as I looked up to notice both Drew and Justin watching me from the front seats with no assistance….I finally just started laughing so hard I couldn’t stop and knew we just had to go straight to the hotel as I think I was done! Speaking of done…Micah was done too!

As you can tell from the pictures he was tired of being in the car seat and needed a nice break in the hotel room crawling through the dragon tunnel! He had his exercise as he went back and forward through the tunnel trying to get Justin and I!

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  1. Love hearing about the trip! Funny, I used to end days in the car laughing like that too! Must be a Bierlein thing!

  2. So glad to be able to keep up with you guys….Can’t believe little Micah! ?Little? Love your funny little details Lisa! ha!

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