New Year’s Bash a big success!

The last of the group flew home yesterday morning, bringing a bitter end to the very sweet 8th Annual Taylor New Year’s Bash. From last Saturday (very, very early on Saturday) to yesterday morning Lisa and I had the opportunity to enjoy the company of 11 of my closest college friends…9 of whom spent that time camped out in the 1,500 sq ft we call home! Events included hiking Camelback Mountain, lounging in the hot tub, shopping, mass trampoline jumping, running Indy until he collapsed, and even a trip up to enjoy one of God’s most beautiful creations, the Grand Canyon.
While it was tight quarters, we managed to find a bed/sofa for everyone and resulted in a relaxing, enjoyable, warm (most of the time) reunion with our closest friends. So to Lynn, Suz, Renee, Heather, Clay, Chris, Janelle, Becca, the Mikes, Sarah, and our honorary attendees via phone from the other side of the world, I thank you for an absolutely wonderful time that will not soon be forgotten!

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