Extreme Deck Building – Part 8

The deck is primed and ready for paint! We started last night by putting the rest of the hurricane straps up on the rafters and then quickly got to work getting the paint sprayer working. We finally finished spraying the primer on the deck around 8:30…at which point we also realized we were both covered in white paint. It was in our hair, on our clothes and on every inch of exposed skin. Plus, it then took another hour just to clean the sprayer and get it ready for the actual paint tonight.
Continue reading to see more pictures from the past two nights.

Jeremy sanding the floor of the deck

Working under the glow of work lights

Close-up of primed deck

Close-up of rafters

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5 Replies to “Extreme Deck Building – Part 8”

  1. It looks great! You’re in the home stretch and then you can enjoy the wedding. And you’ll have the extreme deck all summer.

  2. Andrew, I’m glad you were able to hold the cord for the sander! Someone’s gotta do it! 🙂
    Seriously, it’s been fun following your project! Great job! Wanna come home this summer and stain our deck and house?
    Love you,
    Mom Blosser

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