Extreme Deck Building – Part 6

I’m so tired after this weekend that I’m going to make this brief, but so much happened that I can’t help but share it! Continue reading for more pictures and a list of everything we did!

We’d been working on flooring the deck this week but had taken Friday off to spend with our families…and relieve our sore muscles. But come Saturday morning, we were up bright and early (well, I was anyway) getting ready to move ahead with the deck. Lisa’s uncle Roger came over in the morning and we headed to Home Depot for the concrete that would fill the post holes. We then hand mixed 16 bags of concrete in wheelbarrows and poured them into each of the 8 post holes.
By noon we were done with that and had gone back to decking. I had to leave around 4:00pm for a get together with some friends, but Jeremy and Christa stayed a little longer and just about finished the little that was left.

So then this morning I woke up and began my day before it was hot by filling all the post holes the rest of the way with a few inches of dirt. I then spread rock in front of the deck to make it look a little nicer. Once Jeremy showed up, it was back to decking. We were able to finish it all up and then started work on the front step. We decided instead of a basic [easy] step that we would make one to match the deck and provide that sort of “final touch”…and I think it worked!
Let us know what you think of the finished-so-far deck. Next steps are to install the rafters, sand the floor, prime the deck and then finally paint it…all by Friday! And as usual, you can see all of the pictures from the project in our online album here.

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5 Replies to “Extreme Deck Building – Part 6”

  1. You’re crazy! But the deck IS pretty sweet! And your Anal Retentive sis LOVES the matching steps…absolutely…wouldn’t have ’em any other way!!!

  2. It looks sensational! I give the step a 10 also! A very nice touch. I think you can have a VERY nice party there!. . .Glad you didn’t try and do this for your wedding!

  3. I think I can, I think I can! We know you can do it! It’s beautiful! I feel a trip to AZ coming on….
    Nana B

  4. The step is just the finishing touch!!!Fantastic job to all. Can’t wait to see it painted and Oh what a relief that will be! By the way—what is the next project?

  5. Next project…HA! You’re funny…
    Actually, we all know there will be one. We get bored if we’re not taking on more than we can handle. Maybe it will be the 21 window splitty VW bus I’ve wanted…Lisa, are you reading this?? 😉

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