Another day, another project…

What’s the project this time, well…fixing up, not redoing (like everything else) but fixing up our backyard for a friends wedding. Yep, you heard me right, a wedding in our backyard! Drew and I and even Justin have been hard a work trimming bushes and trees, laying new seed for the grass and looking at beautiful flowers to place in pots for that beautiful look for a spring wedding. But what is the “BIG”project that we have started??? Yep, start laughing because I am! I guess I should say that we are going to “attempt” to build a 16ft by 10ft shaded deck by the pool area. The picture really looks great and I can’t wait to see it in our backyard just off the cool decking by the pool.

Drew and a friend, Roger (our Shasta Pools superintendent) have already dug 8 3ft holes. I wish I had a video of the 2 of them with the pole digger that I could attach to this. I would have everyone rolling on the floor laughing hysterically!!! I was in the house with the window opened listening to them yell at each to “push down harder”, “pull it out of the ground” and “I’m trying to!” with a lot of groaning. All I could do to help them was giggle (I don’t think that they were too happy with me). I did grab water and tried not to laugh too hard when I delivered it to them. All in all they did a great job and now we are ready for the cement and lumber (which at this time has still not been ordered). This isn’t just lumber you can pick up at The Home Depot or Lowe’s….no; you have to go to a lumberyard. I guess we will have to fax in our order and then once again borrower my uncle’s truck with the flatbed trailer to go and get it! Also, they are only open Mon-Fri from about 6ish to 3ish, so it looks like I am on my own. I guess this is where you start laughing at me….me and all my lumber (I’ll be sure to have a picture for all of you)!
We will keep you updated on the process and hopefully none of us will end up with to many bumps and/or bruises!!

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