Lot before cleanup


Lot after cleanup

A story of what goes around…comes around. Remember the VW Bug for my mom? Well…mom got us this weekend!! It started with a trip up North to my mom’s that Drew and I were dreading untill I finally looked over to Drew and said, “We are NOT working on our lot this weekend.” Instead, we would enjoy the weather (if all possible, I mean it is ONLY 20 degrees cooler 😉 ) and our time together away with Justin. We felt better after that knowing we will hit it hard the next weekend when we go up together. We knew that there was a lot of work to be done on the lot…cutting lots of tress down, laddering the trees, picking up the dead and down (old dead logs on the ground) and a incredible amount of raking of pine needles and oak leaves. We thought we’d never get it done…until this past weekend…

Drew and I have tried over the last several months (maybe 6?) to get up north as much as possible and start the process of clearing. We would get up early Saturday morning and work till it was too hot and then return to my mom’s to take a shower and pass out by taking a very long needed nap. Then, after prying ourselves off the bed, we would take a little drive to look at our hard work, only to see that it looked like nothing had been done making us even more depressed. We had to get this done within a certain time frame or the HOA would soon fine us and put a lien on our property. WOW…would we ever get this done (in our lifetime)???
Well…not to fear! As we entered Starlight Pines on Friday we decided to go pass our lot before heading over to my mom’s just to see it and all the work that needed to be done. As we pulled up to look at our lot (our “much needed help” corner lot) we drove 3/4 past the lot before we realized that the beautifully cleaned lot was ours! WHAT?? WHO?? WHY?? We asked each other as we realized the only person that could have done this was my mom!! We looked at each other with tears in our eyes wondering what we did to deserve this…something so special!! I couldn’t even speak as we drove less than a mile to my moms, parked the car in the drive way and ran up the stairs to hug her and just stand in front of her, crying. I just couldn’t understand how or why she would do this for us. I now believe even more that what goes around will come around to bless you as you continue to bless others.
So, thank you mom for the weeks of hard work, hours spent stacking and raking and for the many bruises you suffered at our expense.
And also a special thanks to Steve for cutting down 100 plus trees and hauling them away. In addition, thanks goes out to Deon for taking the time out of her day to help mom stack trees and for keeping her company. We can’t thank you all enough and can’t believe you would take the time to do this for us!
Thank you all!!

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  1. Well, isn’t it the truth? It is more blessed (and fun) to give than to receive. Generous, giving, hearts just seem to run in the family. Nice family in which to be related, right?

  2. It was my pleasure to do this for the 2 of you. The expression on your faces and the appreciation you expressed made the work worth the effort. Now you know what the bug meant to me because your reactions were exactly like mine when you 3 surprised me! You have a beautiful lot and I know that many building experiences will follow with a lifetime of wonderful memories. Love Mom

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