“So how’s the house?”

This seems to be the question of the hour, so as we hit the 1 month mark I figured I’d drop a quick update. We have certainly been busy with 2 weddings this past month (bringing the summer total to 6), recovering from the flood, Justin starting Kindergarten, and trying to get some assemblance of “normal” in our lives…which we’re still not convinced exists.

However, the house is coming together nicely. After running 16 blowers and 2 dehumidifiers for a week and a half, we finally were able to move back into the house. Reconstruction started that next week with drywall being replaced, holes being filled, baseboards being replaced, walls being textured, etc. All that’s left now are the few holes in some closets that were missed, painting the new drywall, and installing our new carpet some time this week…which couldn’t come soon enough.
That aside, we’ve had many comments made to us like, “Wow, so you must know what the people in New Orleans feel like”. All we can say is, “Not even close.”. We may have experienced a flood, but it can in no way be compared to the utter destruction caused by Katrina. We continue to thank God for the many ways he’s blessed us and for the experiences he is using to bring Lisa, Justin and I closer together.
To those in the storm ravaged areas of New Orleans, Mississippi, and other surrounding areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, you are constantly in our prayers. I feel it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand what you are going through and our hearts break for you. I pray for the comfort and grace of our Loving Saviour to surround you. God Bless you all.

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