Official Wedding Pictures

Drew and Lisa

That’s right! We’ve had the proof book for about a week now, but as of this morning we finally have the digital versions of the wedding pictures!
Please rate your favorite pics…we’re trying to decide which ones we like best. We would love to hear your comments too! To see the pictures, head to our online photo album using the link on the right, or click the following link to see them (be sure to turn off any popup blocking software):
Wedding Pictures

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6 Replies to “Official Wedding Pictures”

  1. yaaaay. the one of the two of you that you put on this page is my favorite, but there’s a lot of really good ones. yay photographer!

  2. Beautiful pictures! It’s going to be hard for you to chose! I had fun voting for my favorites!

  3. Loved looking at all the pics. There are so many great ones! Still am w/ Val, though. Cant believe the car got a whole album worth–that’s what youve always wanted, isnt it Drew?

  4. You gotta admit…the car does look pretty darn good! However, the fact that dad was out there with the photographer explains the mass amounts of GTO pictures, as I’m sure you can imagine…

  5. I really like the picture on the webpage the “overhead” view. You both look fantastic. Congratulations once again!

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