Shopping in Cancun

We are sitting in a shopping center on the Internet after having spent probably way too much money. However, I think today is the first day we’ve actually bought things for OURSELVES! We’ve been pretty inactive for a few days thanks to our lovely red bodies, but we did manage to get out of our room yesterday for a swim in the underground rivers at XCaret…

We pretty much spent all day Thursday camped out in the room. I wasn’t doing too bad, but Lise was so fried that she couldn’t really even move. I made several trips to the gift shop to get different sunburn formulas, none of which seemed to make much of a difference. At least the gift shop staff knows me by name and knows what room I’m in now.
We were supposed to go to XCaret ( on Thursday, but had to change it to Friday due to our circumstances. Turns out the cold water in the underground rivers felt really good on the sunburn…but the required life vests did NOT! We made it through the hour float/swim and it was quite fascinating swimming in caves. We spent the rest of the day in the butterfly garden with thousands of butterflies, eating lunch next to parrots, and watching crazy men swing upside down from a very tall poll. Everything culminated in the evening at a Mexican show with the ancient game of “pok-pok” re-enacted as well as fireball, which is basically field hockey with a basketball size ball that’s on fire. Pretty impressive.
We were pretty wiped out by the end of the day yesterday and slept pretty well. Today, Lisa is feeling better, though is still in quite a bit of pain. Don’t worry, I’m doing all I can to cater to her and am taking very good care of her…I think.
Since it’s our last day, we’re out shopping now. Lisa wasn’t too fond of the flea market because of all the pressure to go visit stores. However, I loved it because it meant negotiating prices! We’ve bought some pretty cool stuff, including a new humidor for me and some cigars from somewhere that shall remain nameless. It’s been a very fun trip but we’re ready to come home and especially ready to see Justin. I think mom’s been away from her boy for a little too long. But at least we can go home having enjoyed a wonderful week together and making memories that will last forever!

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  1. It’s fun hearing about Cancun and shopping, and reliving Xcaret. I thought the exotic birds sounded like they were saying, “What?”
    We came from Flagstaff via the Petrified Forest and laughed our way through the Tonto Forest/Mountain “Scenic” route. Reminded us of that mountain “detour” in Italy the buses took. Only a lot of this wasn’t even paved! Then experienced Phoenix at 112 degrees yesterday! Now we know why you went to Cancun–to escape the heat! 🙂
    Call Mom when you get home safe.

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