Engagement Pictures

Lisa and Drew

Lisa and I picked up our engagement pictures last night and are very excited about them! Above is our “official” engagement picture. Click “Continue Reading” for more pictures. However, please do not copy these pictures as they are proofs from the photographer. He was kind enough to give me digital versions of a few for friends and family to see. I added the watermark just to protect his work.
Let us know what you think in the comments section. Hope you enjoy!

Lisa and Drew

Lisa and Drew

Lisa and Drew

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8 Replies to “Engagement Pictures”

  1. You put a watermark to protect his work? lol… I can just imagine the millions of pirated images of Drew & Lisa floating around the internet… Hahaha… Well, good fodder for the best man speech anyway. Thanks! 🙂
    Oh, and the pictures really DO look great!!!

  2. hey there my two fave cousins!! okay yeah… drew… you arnt my cousin…..YET!!! MUAHAHA! i just think these are the CUTEST THINGS IN THE WORLD!!i really do! i love both of you and cant wait till the wedding! oh and lise… ITS DONE! 😉 you know what im talking about! 😉
    love always!!
    ~*ArlynRae*~ 0=} (angel face!)

  3. They’re just beautiful, but how could they not be. . . .maybe I’m just a little biased.

  4. Drew and Lisa you are a beautiful couple! I love the pictures. I really enjoyed reading the story of how you met as well. I am amazed at God’s goodness and the wonderful ways he works! Justin is adorable! The picture of Andrew and Justin in those matching shirts at Disneyland almost mady me cry…too precious!

  5. Scott told me about your website, and I loved checking it out and seeing these pictures! Lisa, we cannot wait to meet you and that sweet little guy in a few weeks! Drew, it will be such an honor, privilege, and joy to see you again!!! See you soon!

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