How To Get Updates

Want to follow us? There are a couple ways to do it, so here’s the instructions:

Track by RSS reader (best method)
RSS readers (like Google Reader…my favorite, and free) allow you to track a bunch of blogs and websites for changes all in one spot. If someone posts a new entry, it shows up in your reader and you can read it right there. You can subscribe anywhere you see the RSS logo (and Google Reader even tracks changes to sites with NO feed). If you want to track, here are the feeds:

  1. All entry text, with main picture:
  2. Snippits with no pictures:
  3. Follow all comments:

If you only want to track comments on an individual entry, open that entry and there will be information right above the comments that explains how to track JUST that entry’s comments.

Sign up for mailing list
Over on the right hand side of the site under “Manage Site” is a link that says “Register”. Here you can fill out your information to become a subscriber on the site. While this will add you to the mailing list, it will ALSO allow you to log in, stay logged in, and leave comments easier, should you so choose. Here’s a link straight to the register link:

The username you pick is the only thing that will appear on comments you leave, so if you have privacy concerns, maybe just use your first name or something.

Finally, if I’ve overwhelmed any of you but you still want updates, just let me know…I’ll get it set up for you.