Delinking Debate

There appears to have been some confusion regarding leaving comments on the new blog so I decided to post a quick entry to hopefully clear that up.

There are several sites out there for blogging and the two most popular (free ones) are Blogger (or blogspot) and WordPress. Blogger is Google’s blogging site and is free to set up a site on their servers. Also, once you lave a login name (or Google username…both can be used), you can log in and use it to comment on anyone’s Blogger blog.

In the same way, WordPress has a free site where you can set up a blog, but they also offer free software to install on your OWN website (which allows you to do far more customization of the design). In the same way as Blogger, once you have a WordPress ID, you can comment on any WordPress blog. This is the software I’ve chosen to use on my own site.

So, if you have a WordPress username, you can log in on the right and comment with it here. If you don’t, you can register for one, OR you can simply leave a comment WITHOUT LOGGING IN. So no, you do not need to log in to comment! It’s totally up to you…but if you’d like to register, you can do so on the menu on the right, which really just lets you track your comments and not have to type your information every time you visit (since it keeps you logged in).

Questions? Post them in the comments or drop me an email.

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