Justin lost his first tooth!

Ok…it’s been awhile! Soooo…to start off on the right track again we decided to start with a BIG bang and let everyone know our very special and exciting news!
Are you all ready??? Are you sure???? Well then…here is goes!!
Justin just…are you sure you’re really ready??? He just lost his first tooth, yep you heard it right! We were at our first annual Edu-Prize get together at Jeanne’s house and Justin’s favorite girl friend, Yvonne (a very special friend and one of my co-workers) was playing around with Justin’s tooth. She then said that she needed to pull it out and you guessed it…she got it! A little twist and a pull and Justin’s tooth just came out with a lot of excitement from all around.
It was an emotional moment for Justin (when he saw all the blood) and then when all the other kids at the party asked what happened, Justin was excited to say…”I just lost my tooth!” Not only did he loose a tooth, but you can now see the one coming in from behind.
We are now inviting the tooth fairy over and pray that the rates for baby teeth aren’t too expensive!!

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5 Replies to “Justin lost his first tooth!”

  1. WOW! His first tooth! I do wonder what the going rates are for the tooth fairy. I’m pretty sure inflation has an impact from when she last visited the Blossers!
    Congratulations, Justin! You’ll have to start your own tooth fairy fund!

  2. Hey! Way to go! You finally got that tooth out, Justin! The first of many. What a great picture, too. Love to all.
    Grandma and Grandpa Doc

  3. Justin, congratulations, now you get grown-up teeth…we miss you and hope you come visit soon. Love you Nana & Poppa

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