Justin’s 6th Birthday

Justin on the water slide

Another year has passed and Justin turned 6 over the weekend! His birthday landed on, in my opinion, the best day of the week for a birthday to land on: Friday. Why is it the best? Because you get 3 days of celebration, which is exactly what happened!
He started on Friday with us waking him up and singing Happy Birthday to him. Then he got to take Spongebob cupcakes to school and they sang to him again. Then I picked him up and took him to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, where he got to play in the playplace and rounded it up with an ice cream cone. Then Lisa took him to the Arizona Science Center in the afternoon, after which we went to Red Robin for dinner where he got MORE ice cream and they sang to him AGAIN! What a day! However, the fun didn’t stop there. Click below to keep reading and hear about the big party!

On Saturday, we held his birthday party at our house. We had about 10 kids over and the central attraction was Justin’s birthday present from us, the inflatable waterslide. Our yard is evidence to the amount of fun they had as there’s a large, brown, muddy spot where the end of the slide stood. The trampoline was also a hit (they never get tired of it) and then they all headed to the pool. I spent my time lifeguarding and grilling burgers and dogs…lots of them. Thank goodness for Costco!
Present opening time was quite an event and we started to realize just how spoiled he is. He made out like a bandit with all kinds of loot, from Cars paraphenalia to pool toys to Matchbox and Hot Wheels. We ended it all up with cake (a Cars cake, of course) and ice cream. After all was said and done, we just looked around at the house we’d worked so hard to clean up before the party and wondered why we even bothered.
Sunday was our wind-down day, and while Justin’s Sunday School class sang to him yet AGAIN, we took the day to just relax, nap, and clean up. All in all, was quite an eventful weekend and I’m sure a birthday that Justin will not soon forget…at least until next year!
See our photo album for all the pictures. Click the picture above or follow this link: http://www.drewlisa.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=26&page=1

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