News from Cancun!

Well, we did it. We’re sunburned. And it only took us 4 days! I think it took us a lot longer than most of the other guests at our hotel, but perhaps it’s because we didn’t take advantage of the unlimited drinks on the beach until today. However, I’m happy to report that the Pina Colodas and Strawberry Daq’s are fabulous! The only advice I can give is don’t take your ring off on the beach to put on suntan lotion…they had to get a metal detector to find it! Good thing it was my “practice” ring and only worth $7…

All in all, we’ve been enjoying our trip immensly. We arrived on Sunday night after staying at the Royal Palms in Phoenix on Saturday night (which included a free upgrade to the honeymoon suite…woo-hoo!) We were pretty much beat upon arriving but managed to eat a very good meal around 9:00pm at one of the hotel restaurants while watching a Mexican dance show by the pool. Monday found us sleeping in till about noon…first time either of us has done that in a while! Then we spent the afternoon shopping at a local shopping area. For dinner, we headed to one of the other Palace resorts and had some authentic Mexican Cuisine thanks to our “all inclusive” braclets we wear religiously.
Yesterday we decided to venture to Chichen Itza…a trip that certainly tried our relationship. We were scheduled to catch the bus around 7am. That’s 5am Phoenix time and we’re even on vacation! We met in the lobby of the hotel and caught a bus to another resort, which apparently is where we catch the ACTUAL bus to Chichen Itza. However, when the bus arrived, there were no seats left for the 25 or so of us waiting. You would think they’d have this down to a system by now. They ended up calling two vans to come pick us up…a far cry from the air conditioned bus with headrests we were planning on taking advantage of during the 2 1/2 hour trip to the ruins. Not to mention the quality of ride…or lack of it.
We arrived (after the obligatory stop at a tourist trap) and were very impressed by the actual ruins. The weather was HOT…as in, Phoenix HOT. It was well over 100 degrees as we progressed on the 1 1/2 hour walking tour (outdoors, of course) and we even climbed the 91 steps of the temple in the heat. We took some pictures and after not feeling the promised breeze at the top, we climbed back down (and our muscles are punishing us today).
After another rough 2 1/2 hour trip back to the hotel, we settled for room service (filet mignon and cream of asparagus soup) and settled down for the night. After our long day yesterday, today we spent the ENTIRE day laying on the beach, and our skin is barely living to tell about it. Hope to post another update soon…till then, take care and be very jealous of our beach time!

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4 Replies to “News from Cancun!”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe you took the time to post a note! So good to hear from you. Didn’t I teach you better about too much sun? 🙂 See Dan and Diedra’s blog from Israel:

  2. Hi Drew and Lisa,
    What a fun surprise to see you had posted a note. I’ll let your mom scold you about getting too much sun.
    Sounds like you are having a great time. We are too. Your dad is…how shall I say..hyperactive in regards to all sight seeing. Your mom is just glad she doesn’t have to fight him all by herself!:-) Really we are having a great time and it’s been good for your mom especially to relax. We saw the Grand Canyon and went to Sedona. It is so beautiful here. God had his imagination in full swing when he created this spot.
    Have a great time. Looking forward to seeing you in July!
    Love you,

  3. Thanks for posting a note. Sounds like you two are having fun along with tending to your sunburns. Don’t worry about anything at home–all is well. Have a great time and enjoy each others company. Life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Mom

  4. We are so happy you are having a good time, you sound like Russ he lost his wedding ring twice, the second time we didn’t find it…enjoy your day tomorrow will come to soon. Can’t wait to see you both. We have our foster child today, Aaron age 12, he will spend the night and we will probably get him sometime next week. Life is good and we love you both….

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